Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The potager, encore

Okay, apologies for producing absolutely nothing for weeks now. By way of apology, pictures of the potager. I'm toying with the idea of treating this blog as, well, as a blog, ie posting little blurbs and photos more often. Thoughts? At least then there would be something to fill space between the rambling essays. Let me know. In the meantime, our first tomato, about the size of a marble as of today. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

Well it is an impressive start to the summer vegetable harvest. Hopefully you are not as beseiged by pests as we are. I did just read about using a white curtain net secured behind brasicas to ward off the white butterfly, will see if it works or not. Your neighbours seem in the 'know' ref local pests. At times I feel we have hung out a sign over our garden inviting every pest for miles to dinner! I wouldn't mind if they left some of it. In Australia our biggest pest is the fruit fly which just loves our tomatoes.
I was also impressed with the new gate and laughed at how the original pile of wood got used, such is life in the country with visitors. One lot of our visitors 'helped' by setting fire to our carefully constructed 'loose' compost pile, oh! well.
Best of luck with the new plantings. Do you have summer fruits like raspberries,strawberries etc?
Take care and best wishes
Virginia K

J said...

You know I approve!